Everyday brings a new obsession……

by Insulator Gurls
on January 7th, 2001

Renee: “Kim! over yonder, downed pole.”

Kim: “It’s caught up on the lines! Their too high to reach!”

Renee: (diving headlong into a bramble patch, surfing down shale) “It aint too high to reach, no stinkin pole is too high to reach!”


Kim, taking a break from ordering me around


 Kim: “Well!”

Renee: “If I stand on my tiptoes I am just able to caress the end of this crossarm!”

Kim: (gingerly stepping over the brambles and stepping softly over the shale) “Ratsass I stepped in a puddle!”

Renee: “I’m going to cut the wire! Look out!

Kim: “Those are tin snips”

Renee: Fine! We’ll saw those puppies off!”

Kim: “Ratsass I stepped in a puddle!”

They waved and smiled


Kim: “Lift me! I’ll unscrew those spools!”

Renee: “I can’t lift you!”

Kim: “Sure you can, your a sturdy girl, lift me!”

Renee: “Ugh”

Kim: “Got em, put me down! I’ll take them over there, Ratsass I stepped in a puddle!”

Renee: (sawing off the last of the insulators within reach, we have short arms) “Come here help me carry these!”

Kim: “Ratsass I stepped in a puddle!”

Kim: “Your ear is bleeding! blood is gushing down your neck!”


Battle Scars


Renee:Really? Take a picture!”

This is when we decided:

“Mentor………….that’s the ticket!”


“We need a Mentor!”