Everyday brings a new obsession……

by Kim
on February 4th, 2001

– the trip according to Kim


That’s the only way to describe the day and the experience. Bob, being a well seasoned collector, scrambled up poles like a squirrel and he was able to walk away from a downed pole without grabbing the insulators, which almost killed me! It was cold, snowy and wet.

Bob, the squirrel

I thought Renee was cougar bait or had accidentally fallen off the cliff bird watching or something, but she had followed some wires down the side of the embankment to find a treasure of insulators, which Bob and I helped her to retrieve, despite the snow, rain and the slide of mud and rocks that ensued every time we took a step.

Oh Yeah, Renee also tried to kill me when I was admiring insulators out my open window she drove into the tree branches almost taking my eye out, somehow Bob and Renee thought that was pretty funny. (ed. note: it was hysterical!!!!!)

The highlight of the day of course was a special stop so Renee and I could learn to climb. And all I can say is “I’m King of the World!” It wasn’t as difficult as I thought and now all I can think about is the next trip and the next climb. I haven’t specialized yet (Unlike Renee who only collects glass or porcelain! Mmmph!). Nor am I able to trade or sell as I cannot bear to part with any of my prized collection, all I know is “Insulators Beware”. Now that I can reach them I will be unstoppable.

Another highlight of the day – Bob’s Collection. I could hardly stop drooling down the front of my jacket – row upon row, purple – green – amber – rootbeer – lemon – purple – amber – green – amber -lemon – rootbeer (You get the picture).